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This section of our site provides information to help you learn some facts about  youth suicide in college-age youth.  We’ve included information focusing on the challenges facing new students at college, with special attention to the unique pressures – which can become suicide risk factors – for student athletes entering college sports programs.

Alcohol Use By Teens

Attention parents: the majority of adolescents drink alcohol, and whether you like it or not, your teenage child may in fact be among them. This is a reality that naturally many parents want to deny, but the best way to combat this problem is with honesty. You may have to … read more »

Kids and Cliques

Along with middle school come many things for kids: more work, more people, lots of physical changes, and cliques. The formation of “cliques”, or exclusive groups of friends, can be agony for kids both on the inside and on the outside. The energy exerted on trying to fit in during … read more »

Choosing the Right Therapist

Seeking mental health or chemical dependency (CD) counseling can be a challenge, especially if you have never had therapy and do not know where to start. The prospect of parading one’s problems in front of a stranger does not seem comforting unless you have done some research and can feel … read more »

Making Your Child’s Return From College A Smooth One

It seems like only yesterday you tearfully said goodbye as your child began college, and now freshman year has ended. Your child has returned home for the summer and is suddenly back under your roof. While perhaps in your eyes your child is the same as 10 months ago, it … read more »

College Funding

Since the annual cost of most private U.S. colleges is now more than $30,000 and public college costs are skyrocketing, merely getting accepted into the college of your choice does not guarantee you’ll go there. Receiving financial aid to attend these schools can be an even bigger challenge. However, billions … read more »

A Parent’s Role in the College Search and Application Process

How to Get the Most Out of Your Conversations Surrounding College  Be a resource and not an adversary. Teenagers seem not to want you around—until you’re not there Clarify goals/expectations. Cooperation is much more fun than working thru conflicting agendas Listen a lot. Advice is cheap—understanding is priceless Talk to … read more »


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