Five Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Someone you know may be drinking too much. Maybe it’s a spouse, a child, a friend. Maybe it’s you. How do you know when someone is drinking too much? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself, or to give to your friend/family member:

1. Has alcohol use caused problems in any of the following areas of your life: health, relationships, work, legal, financial?

2. Have you ever thought of cutting down on your drinking?

3. Have you ever been annoyed by people’s criticism of your drinking, or drinking behavior?

4. Have you ever felt guilty about your drinking?

5. Have you ever needed an ‘eye opener’ drink in the morning, or a little something to get going during the day?

If you answered “yes” to 2 out of 5 of these, you may have a more serious drinking problem than you realize. What can you do? There are many resources to help you learn about alcohol and its’ effects on you.

10.3 million people in America are dependent on alcohol or drugs. The vast majority of people with drug or alcohol problems are employed, have families, and appear healthy. However, the longer someone continues to use the substance, the greater the likelihood that those areas of his or her life will be negatively impacted. Therefore, identifying the problem early and getting help is very important.

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